Decide whether you are at the Beginner or Intermediate Level of PowerPoint, then download the appropriate checklist.

PowerPoint Checklist & Notes - Beginner

PowerPoint Checklist & Notes - Intermediate

Work through the various components on the checklist, using the tutorials and resources below. Create a PowerPoint presentation that incorporates the various components. Be prepared to share your PowerPoint with me via email or in a face-to-face session.

Microsoft PowerPoint (courtesy of Internet4Classrooms)
This is a great site for tutorials from basic to more advanced. It also has a number of ready-made PowerPoint presentations on a variety of topics. While the topics may not be relevant the “template” of the presentation can be used to input content from other areas.
for use with PowerPoint presentations.

Intro to PowerPoint

PowerPoint Tutorial
This site provides a basic tutorial on how to create PowerPoint presentations.
PowerPoint Tutorial and Resources

Advanced PowerPoint Tutorial

PowerPoint 2007 Training Courses

Adding Sounds, Music, or Narration to PowerPoint 2003

PowerPoint and Sound

Create a Background Soundtrack for a Presentation (courtesy of Mactopia)
Mactopia offers a straightforward tutorial on incorporating background sound during a presentation.

Awesome PowerPoint Tutorials
This site offers PowerPoint tutorials broken down by more advanced topics. The site also has background templates for a fee.

PowerPoint in the Classroom
This is an excellent site for teaching students how to build presentations using PowerPoint or just as a reference for anyone who is learning to use the software.

POWERPOINT TASK (Option for creating PowerPoint to submit)

Sample Video to Add to Presentation (for Tutorial)
For PC:Student Film About Dolphins
For MAC:[[file/view/CuanajoDay_of_the_Dead_Celebrations.mov| CuanajoDay_of_the_Dead_Celebrations.mov]]

German Meals
The Giver Preview Activities
Shakespeare Opening Task
Shakespeare's England
PowerPoint Project


Free PowerPoint Templates (courtesy of Idezine)
The site offers free membership and the ability to download a number of free backgrounds

Free PowerPoint Templates
Sonia Coleman has created a series of presentation “kits” that can be downloaded and modified to fit your content. She, also, has PowerPoint tutorials from basic to advanced.

PowerPoint Templates for Teachers
Vicki Blackwell offers a variety of presentations already created—just add your content.

Here are some of the Powerpoint templates that you can download and put your own content into.

You can find more of these templates at http://facstaff.uww.edu/jonesd/games/index.html

Free PowerPoint Backgrounds and Slides: