CLASS TIME NEEDED: Moderate to high

Book Creator (called Express Books in the app store) allows students to create a storybook. Students can draw, use stamps, add text, add photos or add shapes. They can also record their voices. The books can be exported as a movie to the Camera Roll or can be emailed as a PDF.

This app supports presentational speaking and writing skills.


  • Open the app. You will see a variety of different icons on the bottom of the screen that allow you to draw, add text, etc.
  • The icon on the right side is to play the storybook, record audio or share it.
  • To share the book, click the satellite icon and choose if you want it share it as a PDF or a video.


  • Explain a concept (i.e., the butterfly life cycle)
  • Write a creative story (i.e., "the dinosaur who ate flowers," "my life as a student" )
  • Illustrate an event or idea (i.e., weather across the four seasons, photosynthesis, lunar phases)